Impact Investment to Accelerate Climate Solutions

Virya, LLC invests nimbly in ventures with high potential impact on eliminating global greenhouse gas emissions or sequestering CO2. We invest across all realms of climate solutions: electricity, industry, buildings, agriculture, waste systems, and more. We try to find things that wouldn’t happen nearly as fast without our investment, and we are happy to get involved as a supportive partner of each company – helping to tell its story or raise future investment rounds.



Virya’s Approach


  • Impact first: We are one of the only “climate impact funds” that breaks out of traditional investment mindsets and truly considers greenhouse gas impact as our top priority. We prioritize that above prospects for a quick financial return. Our mindset means we’re willing to take risks that others simply won’t.

  • Climate only: We are laser-focused on greenhouse gas emissions. While there are so many worthwhile and world-improving enterprises in need of funding, we only invest in companies whose long-term goal is to reduce or sequester gigatons of CO2e each year.

  • Accelerant: We exist to make things happen, not to make money with a positive theme. We never compete to get into funding rounds. If a company is already well-funded, that’s great! We’re not needed. We put our money where it will truly make things happen faster than they would otherwise. We often lead rounds or start off as the only major investor in a new startup. We love funding projects where we can make the difference between a concept on paper and a proven test or commercial demo.

  • Moving quickly: Virya has made investment decisions in as little as two days (and yes, that one’s looking likely to be one of our most impactful and profitable investments). Usually it takes weeks, but we almost always move faster than VC firms or corporate investors. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs who are committed to climate impact and have solid business plans ready to go. We view them as the heroes the future needs.

  • Scaling impact: We only invest in companies commercializing technologies that could be repeated in a standardized way at global scale. Generally we want to be convinced that the technology, if rolled out globally, would achieve at least a gigaton per year of emissions reduction or sequestration.